About Baton Trading

About us

Baton trading is a consignment-based watch trading platform created for the watch collector. After trading watches for several years and meeting a variety of collectors, we have found an opportunity in the market, and a desire even, for collectors to trade amongst each other without paying huge commissions to intermediate companies.

Therefore, we invite you to list your watch on our platform. Every transaction is expertly curated for your protection. Baton trading will ensure the authenticity of every listed watch. At the beginning of each transaction, we consult with the seller to list the product at the right price. We want you to get maximum returns on your investment, while keeping the buyer in mind for an all-round fair transaction. At Baton trading we understand the sensitivity of trading in these high value commodities. We, therefore, take the risk of the transaction away from the seller and curate transactions with our network of trusted collectors.

We offer expert advice and personal service. We do in person collections and deliveries as far as possible. Get in touch, for the Baton trading experience.

Secure escrow through Baton Trading

Buy from Baton trading with confidence. With Baton trading escrow you can now buy confidently directly from another watch collector. Baton trading facilitates every transaction, and your funds will be secure until you have received your watch!